Geriatric Care Management & Care Coordination Services

Has caring for an older Adult family member becoming challenging? Have you noticed any troubling changes in your loved one? Are they having difficulty maintaining their homes or paying their bills in a timely manner? Do they appear to be losing weight, looking less put together or forgetting to attend appointments? Has caring for them disrupted your caring for your children or your job? If so, you can benefit from the services of a care manager.

The Geriatric Care Manager assists older adults and persons with disabilities in attaining their maximum functional potential. In addition, the Geriatric Care Manager is an experienced guide and resource for families of older adults and others with chronic needs, including helping those suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s, or those with multiple medical co-morbidities with failing health condition.

Our Geriatric Care Managers can be the eyes and ears for family members who live far away or near by, but are too busy to handle the daily details of the older person’s life. They provide the answers and the solutions to the busy family members who know help is needed but don’t know what to do.

American Care Partners Geriatric Care Managers are highly skilled professionals dedicated to promoting quality of life for those who are growing older in Northern Virginia.

Our Care Managers meet this goal by designing a plan, which maximizes the independence and well being of each elder.

Care Management is our approach to addressing the entire well-being, comfort and functionality of our clients and their families. Our Care Managers are licensed registered nurses (RN) and social workers (SW). They provide every client a personalized care plan that is developed from a collaborative assessment with the client and family.

People with multiple medical conditions usually have several professional providers, and are prescribed numerous medications. The care they receive is often “fragmented” and UN-Coordinated. American Care Partners Geriatric Care Management & Care Coordination Services help manage these types of situations by providing:

  • Coordination of physician care to facilitate communication between specialty physicians
  • Medical advocacy, to assist you in navigating the complex medical system and ensure that your loved one receives the care to which they are entitled
  • Reporting to help keep you and other family members informed
  • Updates on functional status to the different professionals and contacts who are prescribing and treating the client
  • Arrangements for advance directives
  • Arrangements or assistance with insurance payments
  • Arrangements for outside services such as meal delivery, health-care alert devices, or trips into the community for social stimulation
  • Arrangements for renewal and pick-up of prescriptions from doctors and pharmacies
  • Providing complimentary visits by Board certified house call physician
  • Careful screening and matching of caregivers to family/patient needs,
  • Continuity of care throughout transitions, from home to hospital to, Skilled care /Rehab facilities, Assisted Living Facility, or other care community as needed

American Care Partners Geriatric Care Managers deliver services through a variety of approaches and solutions. An expert Geriatric Care Manager is assigned to the supervision and care coordination of the delivery of all aspects of client care. The Geriatric Care Manager can be a nurse or social worker depending on the nature of the client’s needs. This is the point person coordinating all the care received by each client.

The Geriatric Care Manager develops a Care Plan for each client that provides the family with recommendations for both long and short-term care, based on an integrated home assessment made at the client’s home. They provide physiological and functional assessments, social stimulation, counseling, and maintenance of a safe environment.

Responsibilities of American Care Partners Geriatric Care managers include but not limited to:

  • Conduct care-planning assessments to identify problems and to provide solutions. By developing a comprehensive plan for care of the client
  • Screen, arrange, and monitor in-home help or other services, including assistance in hiring a qualified caregiver for In-Home care.
  • Train, orient, supervise and support in-home caregivers and other staff
  • Provide short- or long-term elder-care assistance for those engaged in local or long distance caregiving.
  • Review financial, legal, or medical issues and offer referrals to geriatric specialists.
  • Coordination of all services and care provided to clients, including house call doctor and other In-Home professionals and social activities
  • Provide crisis intervention.
  • Act as a liaison to families at a distance, overseeing care, and quickly alerting families to problems – especially important when families are engaged in long distance caregiving for a loved one.
  • Assist with moving an older person to or from a retirement complex, assisted care home, or nursing home.
  • Provide consumer education and advocacy.
  • Offer elder-care counseling and support.

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