In-Home Pediatric Case Management

American Care Partners Pediatric In- Home Care Services recognizes the special needs of Children living with complex medical conditions and has adapted our Case Management Services to serve children and their families using a Family Centered approach to service delivery.

The Pediatric Case Managers assess the needs of the child, their family and their communities and then assists the family and child to establish goals in several life areas. They then provide direction as these families navigate the hospital, school and other agencies that will be part of their lives for a while or permanently.

American Care Partners Pediatric Case managers work closely with other community social workers and case managers to coordinate the care. The Case Manager will also provide education to other service providers and they offer ongoing education for teachers and others in the school system.

American Care Partners Pediatric Case Manager will help establish Circles of Support around the child thus helping them to grow into adults who are functioning at the highest level possible. Ongoing monitoring and redefining goals and plans are essential in the Case Management process and this leads to goal attainment.

Children require specialized services and these interventions are ongoing and must be provided at the right time for the developmental stage that the brain may be impacting the child’s function. Families must be supported as they adjust to and manage the series of complex issues they face daily.

Through Case Management, Support Groups, Community Partnerships and Education,  American Care Partners` Pediatric Case Management  Program helps children and families face the challenges of living with various complex illnesses and disabilities  on a daily basis.

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