Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Home Care

Acquiring or sustaining a brain or spinal cord injury can be devastating to an individual, their family, and loved ones. When these types of injuries occur, it can change everything about us and the way we live our lives dramatically. These changes can be temporary or permanent, and may cause impairment or a complete inability to perform and function.

These injuries are complex and vary greatly from person to person. For many, returning to their previous lifestyle may no longer be possible. Patients living with Brain or Spinal Cord Injury feel more in control of their environment, comfortable, and secure when they are able to receive compassionate and dependable home care in their homes.

If you or a loved one is faced with a longer term disability as a result of a brain or spinal cord injury, you understand the challenges of everyday living. Household tasks that were once simple become challenging and daily living requires significant assistance. American Care Partners In-Homecare Services can help.

American Care Partners  highly skilled In-home care nurses and medical professionals have the training, education, and expertise to effectively treat even the most complex brain and spinal cord injury patients. We provide a continuum of In Home Care that encompasses:

  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Multiple Trauma
  • Feeding tube management
  • Bowel and Bladder Programs
  • Private duty Nursing ( LPNs and RNs)
  • Wound Care/Wound VAC
  • Monitoring Skin Integrity
  • Reinforcement of Therapy Goals/Interventions
  • Education of Patient and Family on complex Medication and Disease Process
  • Ability to Serve Ventilator Dependent clients
  • Complementary Free Physician house call Services

American Care Partners In-Homecare Services can offer you or your loved one the highest quality of care and necessary Personal Care assistance needed at home. We understand the challenges of brain and spinal cord injuries and have the ability to help with activities of daily living and In-home nursing needs to offer the highest level of comfort.

American Care Partners` highly skilled In-Home  Caregivers will provide immediate and effective nursing care that is designed to meet the patient’s specific needs and address the functional limitations experienced by individuals that have sustained a traumatic injury. Our team of professionals will work with patients and their families to set and reach the physical, mental, and emotional goals that provide the foundation for an independent life.

For more information on our Specialty services, contact American Care Partners In-Homecare Services today.