"I thank American Care Partners for everything!  I could not have been more pleased with your company's services, and most of all, the assigned caregiver you sure have been great to my father and lots of help to me! I would not hesitate to recommend your service in the future."

Sandra M.
“American care Partners has provided care for my mother since January 2010. The caregivers have been professional, thoughtful, and understanding. Since my mother is precious to me, I want compassionate and qualified care for her. I feel she has received that through American Care Partners.”

Judith .A
“I would like to thank you and the caregivers at American Care Partners for the care and compassion you provided to my mother…My Mom had several medical complications which restricted her mobility and impaired her health. The assistants provided by American Care Partners were professional, knowledgeable and caring. Just as important, they were kind and compassionate human beings that significantly helped her mental outlook and provided friendship and companionship during a difficult period. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to others.”

Matt. M
"I want to thank you and your organization for the outstanding job that you did caring for my uncle these last couple months – the care enabled my uncle to spend his last months in his home and with his friends from the men’s club – my brother and I really appreciate the effort that you made – I think it made a big difference in the quality of my uncle’s life."

Samantha G.
"American Care Partners has exceeded all my mother`s expectations.They have provided compassionate, competent, caring, world-class service to my mother.They treat her like a family member and always go above and beyond the call of duty to meet her needs.I trust them completely and they contact me whenever there is a situation that necessitates my attention."

P. O`Rourke
"I can sleep at night, knowing that my mom is in the care of American Care Partners."

H. Garner-Duckett
Providers of Quality Care In Northern Virginia American Care Partners.
“My family and I want to thank you for everything you and American Care Partners have done for our family, especially our mom.The day I met you told me about this great company that can provide us the best quality care for our sick mom and what they can do for her seem to be unbelievable at the time.

As scared as we were we took the risk in placing the most valuable person in our life in your hands. It's been the best risk we took because you have kept all your promises and word that we would get the best care by American Care Partners. We are going on our 2nd year with your company and the quality of services we get from you guys has not changed. We feel as my mom is treated with the same respect and gets the best care as the first day with your company or as she was a part of your family, always making sure she has everything she needs,checking if she is happy with the caregivers care and if something is making her unhappy you always are there ready to change anything to keep your promise that she would get the best quality care always from American Care Partners.

My family and I will never forget the day we met you. American Care Partners has been the biggest blessing we could have, helping us take care of our sick mom.”

Cristina C.
American Care Partners. Providers of Quality Care In Northern Virginia
“It has been several months , (April 28, 2011) since my mom became a client of American Care Partners. We have dealt with several Home Care Agencies; the last one being the worse so I have to tell you my confidence in the system of Home Care was bruised to say the least. When I talked to them I had a lot of expectations of what I thought a Agency should be. These expectations have been met head one and I can say if I had to grade the experience, from the first phone call to this day, it would be a grade A.

The experience has been very informative and smooth. They took the time to understand my expectations so that they would know how to meet them. I found that they were very concerned first and foremost in my mom’s health concerns, mentally and physically which helped them to understand level of care my Mom would need. They understood my love, and passion for my mom and her care and have been able to work with me to meet the needs that would give my mom the best possible care with American Care Partners. There is no time of the day that they don’t avail themselves to receive a call. If you leave a message they are very adamant about getting back in touch with you to resolve your need or any situation that may have arisen. They answer all technical questions that you may have, so that you will understand what laws govern their service so that you are able to hold them accountable for the services that they say they can and will provide.

Would I recommend American Care Partners, yes I will and I have. I know what it is to have a love one that needs that kind of care that they provide, and life prevents you from being able to provide it yourself. My wish is that every one that I come in contact with has the same experience that I have, one of care, and consistency. It’s more than a partnership; it’s a developed client relationship. To me there is a big difference. American Care Partners are an excellent Home Health-Care Service Provider, one that others should expire to model and be like. I’m very pleased, and would definitely recommend their services to any and all that need to have a client relationship with a agency that cares first about your love one. I can sleep at night, knowing that my mom is in the care of American Care Partners.”

H. Garner-Duckett
"American Care Partners has been the biggest blessing we could have, helping us take care of our sick mom.”

Cristina C.(daughter)