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Live-In Home Care Assistance| American Care Partners

Live-In Home Care Assistance| American Care Partners

#Live-In Home Care Assistance for seniors | 24 Hour In-Home Care Assistance | American Care Partners


The Advantages of Live-In Home Care Assistance

Live-In Caregiver Assistance advantages for seniors and Families
It is always a difficult time when a loved one loses their independence, but it is important to act quickly and with reason to make a decision which reflects the dependent’s best interests. A common choice is between an assisted living facility placements and live in home care assistance, and while there are advantages and disadvantages for either choice, live in Home Care Assistance for the elderly within the comfort of their own home provides numerous advantages and often a better quality of life.
However, the benefits you get from live in home care depend on what type of home care you choose, and in-fact, the choice with the greatest number of benefits to you and your loved ones is live in home care. Live-in care Assistance is a private care option where the caregiver lives in the same property as the dependent, in contrast to hourly care where the caregiver does not. The following are the main advantages of live-in care services for dependents and the elderly in comparison to hourly home care.

It gives familiarity and companionship
It is always easier for seniors to become familiar with someone you live with, and with familiarity comes friendship and connection, which are aspects of live-in home care assistance that no other form of homecare can guarantee. . Unfamiliarity and having to adjust to new people and environments can be source of distress for dependents, especially the elderly, but long term live-in caregivers provide a simple and easy transition to at-home care and the consistency of care provision. Live-in home care assistance provides the dependent with a level of friendship and companionship that other care options simply cannot provide, and this is particularly true for clients with psychological problems such as dementia. In cases where relatives are worried over communication and friendship, live-in home care assistance may be the perfect option.

#Live-In Home Care Assistance is cost effective
This 24/7 live-in home care is provided in the comfort and security of Client`s homes. Live-in service is charged at a flat affordable daily rate. The live-in companion or caregiver is paid on the basis of approximately 10 hours of intermittent work during a 24-hour period.
It provides the highest levels of support.
This 24 hour one-on-one support is the highest quality of care which a senior can be given. Each of our professional companions develop a relationship with his or her senior client, which enables the companion to customize the care provided to specifically address the individual needs of your loved one in a compassionate and dignified manner.

American Care Partners Live-in in-home care assistance is more than just companionship.

Seniors living alone will often turn to meal choices that are quick and easy to obtain, choosing pre-packaged convenience foods or other non-nutritious foods. They may not even have the energy to prepare a meal for themselves and just resort to a peanut butter sandwich.
This is where there is a big advantage to having a live in caregiver assistance. The Live-In home care caregiver will help the elderly person to fix a healthy meal, they can sit down together and enjoy conversation, and ensure the elderly loved one is really getting the healthy diet he or she needs. They will also make sure seniors get adequate fluid intake reducing the risk of dehydration.

This 24/7 live-in home care is provided in the comfort and security of Client`s homes and assistance includes:
• Dressing and hygiene assistance
• Assistance in the bathroom
• Taking and recording vital signs
• Monitoring oxygen use
•#Respite Care
• Monitoring of Ambulation
• Meal preparation
• Home safety supervision
• Medication reminders
• Light housekeeping
• Laundry
• Shopping for select items
• Driving clients to appointments

Live-In Home Care Assistance relieves burden of care from Family

Live in home care assistance ensures that no one else family, friends or other people related to the client need to provide care or take on the role of a caregiver. This is important, as it ensures that the most important people in the dependent’s life can act as they did before and concentrate on spending quality time with them.
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Personalized #In-Home Care Assistance Services in Northern Virginia.
American Care Partners offers full time, round the clock care and supervision which can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a trained and compassionate in-home elder care professional is never far from your loved one.
American Care Partners is second to none when it comes to full time committed elder care! Make the sensible and empowering choice of in-home elder care for your loved one.

Let us help you or your loved ones, live safe and comfortable at home in Northern Virginia!
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